They are add on services that you can avail for setting up your pop-up store. Our goal is to make your journey of opening a pop-up store easier, efficient and transparent. So we do all the heavy lifting! While you can concentrateon what you do best! We provide: ● PoS & other payment systems ● Retail Store design: ● Fit-outs: including signage, rental soft furnishing. ● Staffing: including maintenance & security ● Wifi All the above services will be tailor-made for your brand and your marketing strategy.

All LiteStore® services are listed on the website and our essentials can be booked on our site when you book the space.

You will be charged for the services you subscribe for. Think of it like an amazon cart! However, we adopt a staggered/tiered pricing model. The more services you opt for and the longer the duration you engage our services,the cheaper the cost.

Please reach out to us at Our team will get in touch with you.

We are always on the lookout for partners who can help us create the best stores for our clients. Please reach out to us at

Our photography will ensure that you get an accurate idea of the space on our site. Further, each of the listed spaces will go through a round of due diligence from our side to ensure that basic amenities such as electricity,water supply & maintenance will be provided. The details on the property page will provide you with information specific to each booking.

Each store will be provided in a white label manner with basic lighting and fittings. You can choose LiteStore™ Services for anything additional.

Spaces are booked "as seen". This means that you agree to book the space in the condition that it is shown in the listing. For most spaces landlords are happy for you to redecorate as long as the space is returned to itsoriginal condition at the end of your booking. If there is anything you are unsure about in regards to the decoration, make sure you check with the landlord first or get in touch with our team and we'll look into itfor you.

Yes, LiteStore™ offers the option to book the space in collaboration with other brands to improve the offering at your store and build synergies with other businesses.