How it works?

Spaces at LiteStore® can be used for multiple purposes in a way that brings your idea to life unless the Landowner has an objection or a specific permission ought to be obtained for carrying out the project. Example - Preparation or sale of any food & alcoholic beverage products requires a FSSAI license among other permits. At the time of submitting 'Usage Terms' to the Landlord, you will be required to list down your purposesof using the space.

By virtue of entering into a contract at the time of confirmation, you are bound by the Usage Terms which documents the purpose of use you had mentioned at that time. However, execution of any new idea can be pursued withthe prior approval of the Landowner as per the Contractual Terms. We will facilitate this process for you.

Landowners can enter into a business relationship with LiteStore® through two ways. Listing your space: Landowners can list their space on our platform and we will connect you to brands & retailers on our LiteStore® platform. Flagship Spaces: LiteStore® will exclusively manage the space by licensing it out to multiple brands

It is up to you. LiteStore® provides staffing as an add-on service. Do check out the LiteStore® Services section for more!

The booking charge is inclusive of all costs involved in opening the store. Any operational costs incurred while the store is open which are not covered in the Terms of Use/License Agreement will be borne by the brand.The final booking charge paid by the Brand will include taxes, as applicable.

Our photography will ensure that you get an accurate idea of the space on our site. Further, each of the listed spaces will go through a round of due diligence from our side to ensure that basic amenities such as electricity,water supply & maintenance will be provided. The details on the property page will provide you with information specific to each booking.

Each store will be provided in a white label manner with basic lighting and fittings. You can choose LiteStore® Services for anything additional.

Spaces are booked "as seen". This means that you agree to book the space in the condition that it is shown in the listing. For most spaces landlords are happy for you to redecorate as long as the space is returned to itsoriginal condition at the end of your booking. If there is anything you are unsure about in regards to the decoration, make sure you check with the landlord first or get in touch with our team and we'll look into it for you.

Yes, LiteStore® offers the option to book the space in collaboration with other brands to improve the offering at your store and build synergies with other businesses.

Booking a Space

Step 1: Find a space that matches your budget, location and audience. Step 2: Type in your preferred dates in the calendar feature and make an enquiry by submitting your proposal to the landlord. Step 3: When the Landowner approves, you will receive a confirmation and can make the payment to successfully complete your booking.

You can access your space only from the commencement date of your bookingl period and you must vacate the space on the last day of the booking. Example - if you book a space on LiteStore®.in from 14th May to 20th May. You will get access to the space only at 09:00 am on 14th May to set it up and you must ensure that the space is returned in the same state at 11:00 PM on 20th May. We therefore, advise you to book your space a day in advance to ensure that you set up your space comfortably.

Minimum period is for 01 day and the maximum period is for 03 months with an option to extend the booking. However, for Listed Spaces, the minimum booking period on Listed Spaces will be decided by the Landowner. You can find out the minimum booking period for a space by checking the particular space listing.

Yes. Request a viewing of the store on the booking page and our team will get in touch you. You could choose either a virtual tour or a physical tour of the space.

We respect the confidentiality of our brands/entrepreneurs and our Landowners. Just like how we don't share your details to the Landowners prior to the booking being confirmed, we adopt the same policy for the Landownersdetails as well.

Yes, you can book it for a day. However, note that the access to the space and return of the space will be on the same day. Example - If you book a space on LiteStore® on 12th January. You will get access to the space only at 09:00 am on 12th January and you mustvacate the space by 11:00 pm on 12th January. We therefore, advise you to book your space a day in advance to ensure that you set up your space comfortably.

You can normally book 2 months in advance. However, please do check the availability for such bookings on our site.

Once you raise a request for a space, Landowners will approve the idea within 36 hours and we will contact you to arrange the viewing, if you require one. It can take up to 48-72 hours.

(Step 1) The Brand accepts the LiteStore® Terms of Use/License Agreement at the time of making a booking -> (Step 2) Additionally, the Brand fills in information in the Usage Terms (Terms which are unique to each booking such as duration, nature of goods/services/ nature of use etc.) -> (Step 3) LiteStore® will send the proposed Usage Terms to the Landowner who must confirm within 24 hours -> (Step 4) Once confirmed, the Landowner and Brand are bound by the Terms of Use/License Terms and the booking is complete with a quick digital sign by both parties. The Brand will make the payment on our website. -> (Step 5) Open your very own store!

Subject to availability, you can easily extend the booking on our website through your dashboard. Click 'extend booking' and extend your booking based on the information displayed by the Landowner. However, if there is no availability because the space is already booked for those days, you can always look at other nearby spaces on our website!

Legal Questions

For Listed Spaces: You will enter into an agreement with each Landowner at the time you make a booking and the Usage Terms are agreed to by the Landowner. The Landowner and the Brandwill be bound by the LiteStore® Terms of Use/License Agreement along with the Usage Terms of each booking. For Flagship Spaces: You will enter into an agreement directly with LiteStore® at the time you agree to our Terms of Use/License Terms. Every time you complete a booking and UsageTerms are agreed upon, there is a concluded agreement between you and LiteStore®.

LiteStore® ensures that booking and launching a store is a seamless experience. If for any reason, you are unable to launch your store due to any fault committed by the landowner or LiteStore®, your booking amount will berefunded in accordance with the Refund Policy


Prices published are inclusive of Utilities, maintenance, basic fixtures and LiteStore®'s service fee (12%).

We adopt smart pricing technology. This means that the price is adjusted to the demand that is expected during the period you've enquired. If the dates clash with long weekends, holidays - you could expect a higher amountin booking fees. We also adopt staggered pricing. So it's often cheaper to book for longer periods and more expensive for shorter periods.

The payout schedule as per our standard contract is that for any bookings until 8 weeks, you will make a one-time payout that will be credited to the account of the Landowner within five business days. If the booking is for a period of more than 8 weeks, the payment can be made in tranches.

You can download your invoices instantly from your dashboard on our website.